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The 'Mourne' Wall Builders - Ireland

The 'Mourne' Wall Builders - Ireland

Dry Stone wall builders were plentyful many years ago because everyone needed a wall in the 'Mourne' region. Especially if you had livestock or wanted to grow crops. It was also a means to show who owned what piece of land and fought over with much blood spilt - however as time has moved forward the need for these highly skilled wall builders has faded away - there are very few left and as all things even dry stone wall building has become a dying art. Those men who are wall builders are highly sought after and - highly paid unlike days gone by when they were paid pittance.

The 'wall builders', now have the assistance of mechanical diggers but, without the skills of the actual 'wall builder' stone walls will not stand the length of time as construction and setting of the stone in the correct order and size is vital. 

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